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Choose your custom canes style and color or polished. Click on list to find your handle/top, then select cane choice and add to cart

Custom Cane Choices

Find your custom cane here in polished or powder coat color. Then, select from the list of handle groups on the left. Click on your favorite handle to order, select cane choice from drop-down list and add to cart.

Add a note in checkout of custom overall length if you like. All canes start at 36" plus choice of handle and included steel core rubber tip. Standard length varies from 37.5 with T Handle to about 38.25" with regular 2-1/8" knob. Measure for your cane length from floor to bend of wrist with arm bent naturally, standing in upright position. Ventilator style canes may only be shortened by 4-1/2" for overall of 33 to 33-3/4". Others may be shortened as needed. Longer cane options available as special order and priced accordingly.

Standard duty cane is 3/4" standard wall tubing, Lightest value option and stronger than store bought canes.

Heavy Duty canes are 3/4" thick wall aluminum, smooth wall or with milled holes,. Much stronger yet still light.

Super Duty are 7/8" solid aluminum, smooth or with milled holes. The strongest cane option but with a little weight. Perfect self defense canes.

Contact us for custom options.

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